Halifax Explosion
100 years 100 stories


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion we’re sharing 100 stories, from the tragic to the courageous to the hard to believe.

There is more to remember about the Halifax Explosion than the collision of two ships and the historic blast. We remember the tragic devastation, but we also remember the perseverance and how people came together to rebuild after the explosion. We remember the courage and rescue efforts. We remember the tremendous compassion that was shown as help poured in from across the province, our neighbours in the U.S. and even around the world.

Leading up to the anniversary on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, we will share the many stories of this historic event. We will honour a time when the worst imaginable tragedy came upon us, and brought out the best in us as we overcame it.

For details about the Halifax Explosion, visit online information prepared by the Nova Scotia Archives, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and the Halifax Regional Municipality.